Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adventures on the High Seas

Dive into the Polar Bear Plunge at Cub Scout Adventure Camp!

Hit me with your best shot!

Fire Away!

It's the Climb

Matthew and his cousins Justin and Jacob took a rock wall class this past week. They loved every monkey minute of it.

We Are a Happy Family!

Although my visit to Utah was brief, I was able to see some of my family. My niece Brielle is the happiest baby on earth and this picture proves it!

Anni was rockin' the house!

Mason kept wanting to "tell me something."

Katy almost became my lunch because she is so edibly cute!

Although I am not featured on this musical gig, I do have bragging rights to scoring 99% on my first attempt as the lead singer to "Eye of the Tiger." Rock on!

A Marvelous Work and a Wonder!

On the way home from Montana, we stopped at Mt. Rushmore. It was amazing to see this awesome sight. Although our stop was brief, I can say that I am proud to be an American!

Our road trip wouldn't have been complete without our stop in Mitchell, South Dakota and an All- American picture in front of the Corn Palace. Yes, the front of the building is designed out of corn husks. My parents took us as kids to this fine place when I was a kid. Sean was excited that we stopped here, but only because there was a cabella's in town.

Our Slice of Heaven on Earth

Highlights from Hebgen

Matthew is turning into a water warrior. Each year that we have vacationed at Hebgen Lake he has been determined to wakeboard and each year he gets better! This year he just glided out of the water and wakeboarded for about 5 minutes each time he got up. He was determined to get his picture taken and attempted to pose while wakeboarding one handed. He's a nut!

When the Cat's Away, the Mice Play!

While I finished up the end of my school year Sean and Matthew headed out west for a family fun adventure. Sean's extended family had a huge reunion in St. George Utah. They headed out with Sean's sister Aliess and a van full of kids. They played hard and had fun in the sun. Sean's family decided to go rock climbing. They found a crack between some of the rocks and decided that was the easiest way through. Sean got stuck and spent about 10 minutes trying to inch his way through. He didn't have much choice...there was no going back.

Home Sweet Home

Well, I finally took some pictures of our house and some of the remodeling we've done. We are so far from being done, but it's nice to look at some of our accomplishments over the past 2 years.

The Living Room- In the living room we ripped out 2 sets of ceiling tiles which raised the celing about 4 inches. We then put up new sheet rock and refinished the ceiling adding crown molding. We also tore down the wall paneling and painted. We replaced the mirror and fireplace screen and now I just have to refinish the french doors.

The Bathroom- This room is a major overhaul. Picture lots of blue and bad vinyl tile. Plus the bathroom was a very odd size. Sean built a wall separating it from our bedroom and made a sweet walk in closet on the other side. On the bathroom side we tiled the shower area, tiled the floor, built a linen closet and refinised a second little closet. Then we added a new sink and counter top with new lighting above. I think we did everything for around $1000 buckaroos!

Our Bedroom- which is still a work in progress. The trim will be replaced when the floor gets refinished and the floor will get refinished when the ceiling in the hallway gets replaced. And that will all happen when...